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The form below allows you to search the PubVolc database:

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Enter search tems in as many or as few boxes as you wish. Search terms in separate boxes are combined with logical AND, so if you enter "Smith" in the author field, and select "lava rheology and morphology" from the keyword menu, then all articles with an author named Smith, which are also categorized under that keyword will be returned.

"Year" refers to publication year, not to the year in which the article was archived in PubVolc.

The "author" and "title word" fields support Boolean searches. Here are example search strings and their results:

Author: smith jones Articles with either Smith or Jones as an author.
Author: +smith +jones Articles with both Smith and Jones as authors.
Author: +smith -jones Articles with Smith as an author, but not Jones.
Author: "smith, a.b." Articles with Smith, A.B. as author, but not other Smiths.
Title words: "magma rheology" -bubbles Articles with the phrase "magma rheology" in the title, but not the word "bubbles".
Title words: erupt* Articles with the words erupt, eruption, eruptive etc. in the title.

Note that searches are not case sensitive, and that search terms of less than three letters will be ignored. The wildcard character '*' can only be used at the end of a string.

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