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Categories (number of entries in parentheses):

  1. Effusive volcanism (1)
  2. Eruption mechanisms, flow emplacement (1)
  3. Explosive volcanism (1)
  4. Igneous geochemistry (1)
  5. Igneous petrology (1)
  6. Intra-plate volcanism (1)
  7. Volcanic hazards and risks (4)
  8. Volcano monitoring (1)
  9. Volcano/ice interactions (1)


1. Effusive volcanism

1.1.Title: The role of unsteady effusion rates on inflation in long-lived lava flow fields
Authors: Rader, E, Vanderkluysen, L and Clarke, A
Reference: EPSL, 477, 73-83, 2017
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2. Eruption mechanisms, flow emplacement

2.1.Title: What effects to earthquakes have on volcanoes ?
Author: Ben Kennedy
Reference: Geology, 45 (8): , 765-766., 2017
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3. Explosive volcanism

3.1.Title: A new approach to investigate an eruptive paroxysmal sequence using camera and strainmeter networks: Lessons from the 3–5 December 2015 activity at Etna volcano
Authors: Bonaccorso, A. and Calvari, S..
Reference: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 475, 231-241, 2017
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4. Igneous geochemistry

4.1.Title: Abundant carbon in the mantle beneath Hawai`i
Authors: Anderson, K.R. and Poland, M.P.
Reference: Nature Geoscience, 10(9), 704-708, 2017
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5. Igneous petrology

5.1.Title: Timescales of mixing and storage for Keanakako‘i Tephra magmas (1500–1820 C.E.), Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
Authors: Lynn, K.J., Garcia, M.O., Shea, T., Costa, F. and Swanson, D.A.
Reference: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 172, 76, 2017
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6. Intra-plate volcanism

6.1.Title: Origin and evolution of primitive melts from the Debunscha Maar, Cameroon: Consequences for mantle source heterogeneity within the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Authors: Ngwa, C.N., Hansteen, T.H., Devey, C.W., van der Zwan, F.M. and Suh, C.E.
Reference: Lithos, 288-289, 326-337, 2017
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7. Volcanic hazards and risks

7.1.Title: Translations of volcanological terms: cross-cultural standards for teaching, communication, and reporting
Authors: Harris, A.J.L., Belousov, A., Calvari, S., Delgado-Granados, H., Hort, M., et al.
Reference: Bulletin of Volcanology, 79, 57, 2017
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7.2.Title: Assessment of the potential respiratory hazard of volcanic ash from future Icelandic eruptions: a study of archived basaltic to rhyolitic ash samples
Authors: Damby, D.E., Horwell, C.J., Larsen, G., Thordarson, T., Tomatis, M., et al.
Reference: Environmental Health, 16(98), 1-15, 2017
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7.3.Title: Supporting the Development of Procedures for Communications During Volcanic Emergencies: Lessons Learnt from the Canary Islands (Spain) and Etna and Stromboli (Italy)
Authors: Solana, M.C., Calvari, S., Kilburn, C.R.J., Gutierrez, H., Chester, D., et al.
Reference: Advances in Volcanology, 1-17, 2017
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7.4.Title: The iron-catalysed surface reactivity and health-pertinent physical characteristics of explosive volcanic ash from Mt. Etna, Italy
Authors: Horwell, C.J, Sargent, P, Andronico, D, Lo Castro, M.D, Tomatis, M, et al.
Reference: Journal of Applied Volcanology, 6(12), 1-16, 2017
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8. Volcano monitoring

8.1.Title: Topographic Maps of Mount Etna’s Summit Craters, updated to December 2015
Authors: Neri, M., De Maio, M., Crepaldi, S., Suozzi, E., Lavy, M., et al.
Reference: Journal of Maps, 13(2), 674-683, 2017
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9. Volcano/ice interactions

9.1.Title: Experimental insights into pyroclast-ice heat transfer in water-drained, low-pressure cavities during subglacial explosive eruptions
Authors: Woodcock, D. C. , Lane, S.J. and Gilbert, J.G.
Reference: J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth,, 122, 5048-5063, 2017
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