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25th July 2018


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PubVolc provides a new way for all members of the volcanology community to share their published research. PubVolc is free and is available to anyone with access to the internet, allowing poorly-resourced volcanologists to keep up-to-date with the latest volcanology research.

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At the heart of PubVolc is a database of newly-published peer-reviewed volcanology papers. This database of volcanology references, which is freely-available on the PubVolc website, is updated by the user community and moderated by volunteers.

Share your research

You can enter details of your recent, peer-reviewed journal articles via the form on the submission page. Once moderated, the reference will be transferred to the PubVolc database. At the end of each month, a digest of submitted articles is compiled and distributed to the volcanology community via the volcano listserv. Submitting your article to PubVolc ensures that it will reach thousands of volcanologists around the world as soon as it is published - even if it is published outside the usual volcanology literature.

Stay up-to-date

The volcanology literature is growing at an ever-increasing rate and keeping current is increasingly time-consuming. PubVolc provides a single point of access to all the latest volcanology research. PubVolc is updated by the user community and moderated by volcanologists, so the hard work is done for you!

Global, inclusive and free

The goal of the PubVolc project is to help researchers from all over the world, particularly those who are poorly-resourced, to keep up-to-date with the latest research in volcanology. For this reason, PubVolc is free to all users; no charge is made for submitting an article, nor for access to the citation database. PubVolc is run as a not-for-profit service.

The PubVolc records contain links which allow readers to contact the author of an article directly to request a reprint. Sharing reprints in this way means that anyone can have access to the latest research, including those who do not have, or cannot afford, journal subscriptions.

PubVolc is supported by the Geologist's Association via the Curry Fund.

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